Sunday, December 27, 2009

1st snow commute this winter a success!

Ho ho ho! Snow & ice didn't stop me from commuting to work. The xtracycle with Schwalbe winter marathon studded tires worked great. Tulsa lacks in snow plowing, I saw at least 50 motor vehicles abandoned along the way, but ZERO abandoned bicycles.

I arrived at Sta.5 safe and sound, the ride didn't take any longer than normal, however I must admit it was a more intense work out, with allot more concentration necessary. I am pumped that this winter riding can be done.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

...but what can you do with it?

Since I became interested in bicycle commuting , my interest has morphed into cargo/work bikes as well. This is only natural for me as a big part of commuting by bicycle is carrying gear.

From time to time in my world, I run across other souls that are using bicycles to commute to work, to shop, to deliver. It always interests me how they do it.

This bike is very cool in function and form, but most important is its being used regularly.

Friday, December 18, 2009

"Load em up & move em out!"

Hey all, I just had to show you what Moab (MotherOfAllBikes) can do with the Xtracycle kit. The bike is loaded down with gear on its way from Sta.5 to Sta.6, for an Xtra 24hr. shift on Ladder 1.

The ride went well, opting for a combo of nieghborhood and major streets, a few nice hills along the way gave Cap a work out, but he needs a good workout to keep him fit for duty.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Wet & cold is here!

Mid way into December means wet and cold in Oklahoma. The worst ice storm in state history was in December of 2007, it destroyed lives and property (I know as a city firefighter).

This season has been some what mild in my opinion, but today brought the cold, and the wet together for the commute home. My dressing strategy was a success, as the photo 's posted will show the weather and the dress .

The basics for this time of year are: Donegal Wool Flat cap (Hanna Hats online store), with ear muffs;
outer shell= Zero restriction Goretex jacket and pants(ebay);
mid layer= Croft&barrow fleece shirt (on sale @Kohl's);
base layer shirt= Walmart sports tee with Cold lizard polartek 300 pants;
Feet= RedHead waterproof 600gm insulated boots(Bass pro) with RBH designs insulated vaporbarier socks.
I always feel connected with the season, and enjoy it more, because of bicycle commuting. Also, I have experienced fewer colds as a result(go figure).