Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bridge over Troubled Waters

Often times while ridng my bike Moab, this trail bridge brings the song Bridge over Troubled waters to mind.

This reminds me of another attribute of bicycle commuting, that is peace and tranqulity. When I am troubled, restless, or blue. One of the quickist remedies is to saddle up Moab, and hit the trail.
This post reminds of a good read that I most recommend to you,
"Riding with the Blue Moth" by Hancock.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

bicycle blogging install!!

This will be my first post for my blog, I really plan it to be a journal for friends and others interested to read , with hopes that it will inspire others to become more active out of doors, and enjoy life at a slower , more simple pace.

The emphysis will be on bicycle commuting and things I learned and have seen along the way. So as this blog grows with me, it will expand in content and hopefuly will be filled with many wonderful photos that example the topics posted.

Please bear with me and visit from time to time.