Tuesday, December 7, 2010

...where the eagles fly

These pictures were taken yesterday morning, on my commute home from Broken Arrow...the morning was crisp with reported temperatures of 19f...there was a very light breeze out of the north. After stopping for coffee at the Starbucks by the Jenks bridge, my steed, "Moab" and I cruised under the bridge, where these two eagles perched in the trees came into view, they were warming themselves in the rising sun.

Traveling freely in the open air, often reveals beauty, and mystery...this next photo I find to be both mysterious, and in a sad, lonely way, beautiful!

I wonder how this bicycle ended up here?... was it a victim of theft, someones joy taken from them to be cast into the river in an attempt to hide a crime?... or maybe simply swept up in a flood many years before?
The only thing I am sure of is that the bike is a "Chicago Schwinn" from the still visible head badge.
As I type through this post I am waxing patriotic... feeling sentimental...but can you blame me,... what with American Bald Eagles, and American made Chicago era Schwinns! The american bald eagle gives me hope, in that as the eagle came back from threat of extinction...so to american bicycle industry & culture will rise again to regain its place in the clear blue, smog free, open air of America.

I mentioned above "traveling freely"...consider this about bicycle commuting...it requires no license fee, no fossil feul cost, no tag to purchase, or title to pay for...and it can go anywhere a motor vehicle can go, and many more places that a car can not.

Oh Well, just some food for thought...happy cycling!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Hey all, blogging again thanks to new camera gift from the Lil'Lady,
ThanX Babe!

Well,here it is the last day of November 2010..."Wow" did the days fly by or what!?!

Bike commuting is a given for me now...going into my 3rd winter and loving it!!!

I have uploaded some photo's taken today to show you what my faithful steed, "Moab" is looking like these days...he has a camo-paint scheme...newly installed "Rolling Jackass Centerstand", designed, manufactured, and sold by Val Kleitz of Seattle, Washington. LOVE the centerstand Val!!...Moab also has a WALD giant delivery basket installed with bracket attached to bike frame, not the front fork assembly!?!...this allows for the basket to remain level and inline with the frame instead of turning with the forks, a much better arrangement in my opinion.(credit:Aaron's Bicycle Repair,Inc. Seattle, WA. & Val Kleitz's "dreadnaught" for the idea}

Also check out the waterproof winter mitts by Under Armour purchased at Acadamy Sports for around $65...used the gloves today for my commute home temps were around 29F...LOVE the mitts!!

"...there I travel, looking, looking, breathlessly."-Don Juan Matus
I certainly will try to include photo's of nature along the Arkansas River bike trail in all of my posts...in any season there is color, and beauty to behold... for those that will slow down and take a look around.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Where have I been ?

It has been forever since I last posted on the blog... Where have I been?...Well it seems that when spring arrived gardening, bike clubs@ local schools(Tulsa Hub), lawn maintenance, and baby sitting my grandson have filled up my days...sadly I have jacked-up my camera so until I get it repaired or replaced I will be photo less.

This post is to let you that care know that I am still pedaling to work, commuting everywhere, enjoying life and thank God warm weather (hoodie ho on winter). I hope to vacation in the Caribbean, on the island called Curacao, this coming September...it is dutch so there should be bikes there...I'LL start back with the blog this fall when things settle down...Have a great summer and ride your bike!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

volunteering at local cycling advocacy

Hey all, I have a few new photo's from the trail and the streets for you.

From the trail comes a shot of a Hawk that allowed me to get up close...it was perched on a branch directly above the bike trail that parallels the Creek Turnpike...on my distant right was the early morning motor traffic in its mad rush to win at the rat race, in front of me was the serene bike path with nature to observe, sure am glad I chose to bicycle commute!

From the streets comes photo's of a great non- profit cycling advocacy organization that is doing good things for Tulsa's community...it is the TULSA HUB..."Tulsa's first non-profit bicycle resource center and human-power incubator in downtown Tulsa." I have had the good pleasure of helping out this organization and its director Ren Barger a couple of times this past week...I plan on volunteering more of my free time at the Tulsa Hub. You can learn more about this organization at the link provided below.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

vehicular bicycling

This mornings commute was filled with goodness! The air was crisp and clear, with light north winds,...there was wild life to see from the trail(a beaver dam created a pond for the ducks to enjoy)... it was good to see folks out jogging along the trail system again, recent news reports Oklahoma as 49th in health among the states... I believe this is largely due to our mega-fast foods market(drive through), combined with the sedentary life style that most okies live. I sure do wish people would switch from motor vehicles to bicycling for their commute to work, shopping, and to school.

Speaking of school, check out this sweet ride I spotted locked up to a fence out side of Tulsa Community College South Campus. This bike is an example of practical cycling, notice how it is rigged out with fenders, chain guard, and a rack. The owner of this bicycle will enjoy good health,and mental awareness, having chosen to bike commute.

Lastly, check out my new power grip pedal straps that I purchased from a LBS. These straps allow me to power my Xtra while wearing my big insulated waterproof hunting boots. They are the "Bee's knee's".

Monday, February 22, 2010

Signs of Spring at last!

Another "perk" of bicycle commuting that you just do not get in a car is, experiencing the subtler changes in the seasons.

As I rode my Xtra home "slooowly" from shopping at the Whole Foods Market, I engaged in one of my favorite hobby's,... day dreaming... while in this "Zen state" of consciousness,... I became aware that there was something changing in the open air.

For about a few weeks now, I have noticed Robins, hopping around in search of earthworms, but today was the 1st time that I noticed something blooming.

I have to confess that although I enjoy riding my bike in any, and all weather, I am ready for the season to change! I guess that as you reader's have probably already discerned,... I am of lazy nature!, and I am ready for warmer weather to ride in!

Weather that allows for simply donning normal clothing, without having to "layer up " for the cold, and dragging extra gear for the rapidly changing conditions.

Well good news folks, the Signs of Spring are here at last! So get out there, and experience Spring on your bike!

That's an order from Cap.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Unknown Cycling Deva inspires Cap.

Here for your consideration, is a picture exampling courage, resolve, and street wisdom.

Allow me to set the stage for this photo... the intrepid cyclist, Cap... has volunteered to go shopping for his wife... this commute included a trip to Ken the barber (Houston &11th) ... his route was along the river park bike way, and up Houston Ave... then onto Walgreen's Drug Store (15th and Lewis) via the less car congested side streets, through the Maple Ridge, the Swan Lake, and then using 17th street over to Gillette Ave., with a quick dash along 15th street into the Walgreen's parking lot... Having secured his "trek roady" to a sign post (no cycle rack provided!?!)... he made his purchase, went out, and unlocked his bike, when his gal called on his celly... She wanted him to ride up 15th street toward the direction she would be coming from, where they would meet, toss his bike into the bed of the pickup truck , then onto Whole Foods, and eat at the deli ... Grand idea! However, ole Cap looked westward along 15th toward cherry street, and seeing the car congested route, Cap had a moment of Cager intimidation... he told the misses "I'll wait for you here in parking lot of Walgreen's"... standing in the cold, waiting for a pickup truck to haul his defeated keister out of there, ... when low, and behold,... a glorious vision of bike commuting enlightenment, came cycling along 15th street... gracefully flowing with the traffic...there she was, adorned in stylish winter warmth...her ride artfully decorated with blingie girlishness...she commandingly signaled , and took her lane,..she patiently waited with the traffic at the signal light...this cyclist was a picture of confidence, and wisdom.

Ah!! inspired, and with renewed resolve, Cap will be an emulator of this unknown cycling Deva.