Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Hey all, blogging again thanks to new camera gift from the Lil'Lady,
ThanX Babe!

Well,here it is the last day of November 2010..."Wow" did the days fly by or what!?!

Bike commuting is a given for me now...going into my 3rd winter and loving it!!!

I have uploaded some photo's taken today to show you what my faithful steed, "Moab" is looking like these days...he has a camo-paint scheme...newly installed "Rolling Jackass Centerstand", designed, manufactured, and sold by Val Kleitz of Seattle, Washington. LOVE the centerstand Val!!...Moab also has a WALD giant delivery basket installed with bracket attached to bike frame, not the front fork assembly!?!...this allows for the basket to remain level and inline with the frame instead of turning with the forks, a much better arrangement in my opinion.(credit:Aaron's Bicycle Repair,Inc. Seattle, WA. & Val Kleitz's "dreadnaught" for the idea}

Also check out the waterproof winter mitts by Under Armour purchased at Acadamy Sports for around $65...used the gloves today for my commute home temps were around 29F...LOVE the mitts!!

"...there I travel, looking, looking, breathlessly."-Don Juan Matus
I certainly will try to include photo's of nature along the Arkansas River bike trail in all of my posts...in any season there is color, and beauty to behold... for those that will slow down and take a look around.



  1. Good to see your back at the bloggin. I am also riding through the winter. Though my commute is quite a bit less than yours. It was cold this morning. Time to start unpacking the heavy winter clothes. Those mitts look very warm. Is it easy enough to use your brakes and switch gears?

  2. ...the mitts have plenty of room inside and are flexable, no problem shifting or breaking here,,,my bike has rapid fire trigger shifters, but I'm sure they'd work with a road bike as well,.. also the mitts have soft nose wipe fabric on the thumbs :)
    ThanX for the welcome back Nate!