Saturday, February 27, 2010

vehicular bicycling

This mornings commute was filled with goodness! The air was crisp and clear, with light north winds,...there was wild life to see from the trail(a beaver dam created a pond for the ducks to enjoy)... it was good to see folks out jogging along the trail system again, recent news reports Oklahoma as 49th in health among the states... I believe this is largely due to our mega-fast foods market(drive through), combined with the sedentary life style that most okies live. I sure do wish people would switch from motor vehicles to bicycling for their commute to work, shopping, and to school.

Speaking of school, check out this sweet ride I spotted locked up to a fence out side of Tulsa Community College South Campus. This bike is an example of practical cycling, notice how it is rigged out with fenders, chain guard, and a rack. The owner of this bicycle will enjoy good health,and mental awareness, having chosen to bike commute.

Lastly, check out my new power grip pedal straps that I purchased from a LBS. These straps allow me to power my Xtra while wearing my big insulated waterproof hunting boots. They are the "Bee's knee's".


  1. Car-centric urban planning: FAIL.

    Also, How to OWN Tulsa Traffic and Road Ragers, Without Really Dying: