Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Grid-lock not for me!

This mornings commute was full of warnings from well meaning folks. It started when I rolled out of the bunk, and went into the lounge to get the morning news report.

The local news was full of warnings of freezing fog and black ice on roadways, and soon afterward , a firefighter from the on coming shift arrived, and reported that there were numerous wrecks along the Mingo valley Expressway(Hwy169).

The fireman was sincerely concerned that a motorist would slide into me.

After leaving Sta.5, and while waiting for the signal light to change, a motorist beside me cautioned about "black ice", I showed him my studded tires, and replied that I was prepared, we both exchanged well wishes for safe travels and departed.

I headed for the bike trail system homeward bound, the motorist headed onto the Mingo Valley Expressway, on his way to work.

For me the ride was pleasant, relaxing, stress free with views of nature awaking to another beautiful day. A Bald Eagle flying by (emblematic of freedom) was a sign of confirmation to me, that the way I had chosen, was a good way. Sadly that wasn't the case of the motorists in grid-lock. See photo's.

1 comment:

  1. Nice ride! Great way to pick up really cute blondes in air-polluting, parkin' space hoggin monstrosities of glass, metal, and rubber.

    Step 1: Catch 'em at da red.

    Step 2: Stick out yer tongue.

    Step 3: When she rolls down the window, laughing uncontrollably, hit her with this, "Hey, babe, wanna go for a ride?" Works EVERY time, especially if you throw in, "With Santa?" BEFORE the light turns green.