Wednesday, February 10, 2010

enjoyable sidekick of bicycling

An enjoyable sidekick to bicycle commuting is bicycle maintenance, building, hacking. This can become just as addicting as cycling itself. I can't pass a bicycle with out checking out its make,model, how its set up, or how its owner has tricked it out.

For your study and enjoyment, I have provided some web links that have helped me learn how to assemble, repair, and hack on my bikes. One thing for sure is YOUTUBE has helped me learn allot of what I know as well.

Also a few pics of my basement bike shop where I spend many enjoyable hours working on bikes, listening to music, and drinking "barley pops."


  1. If you ever get kinda lonely in that basement, do a bike repair clinic for the ladies. Works EVERY time like a charm!

  2. TFD Tom Hufford inspired this: Hot Calender Firefighters Bike Ride for some inspired local charity. Let's put some really HAWT mommas on bikes on Tulsa streets, chasing Hot Calender Firefighters!

  3. Taking bike commuting to the next level, beyond spandex: