Monday, February 22, 2010

Signs of Spring at last!

Another "perk" of bicycle commuting that you just do not get in a car is, experiencing the subtler changes in the seasons.

As I rode my Xtra home "slooowly" from shopping at the Whole Foods Market, I engaged in one of my favorite hobby's,... day dreaming... while in this "Zen state" of consciousness,... I became aware that there was something changing in the open air.

For about a few weeks now, I have noticed Robins, hopping around in search of earthworms, but today was the 1st time that I noticed something blooming.

I have to confess that although I enjoy riding my bike in any, and all weather, I am ready for the season to change! I guess that as you reader's have probably already discerned,... I am of lazy nature!, and I am ready for warmer weather to ride in!

Weather that allows for simply donning normal clothing, without having to "layer up " for the cold, and dragging extra gear for the rapidly changing conditions.

Well good news folks, the Signs of Spring are here at last! So get out there, and experience Spring on your bike!

That's an order from Cap.

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