Sunday, January 31, 2010

Okiewinter 4real

It is crazy to me how much fun this winter bicycle commuting is, the ride to work was great! I rode early sunday AM, with 6.5" of snow on the ground, using city streets all the way to BAFD#5.

The route I choose was south on Riverside Dr. to 31st. St., then east on 31st.St. to Garnette Rd., turned south on Garnette Rd. to 81st.St then east to BAFD#5. This route gives me 2 lanes each direction which allows me to take the slower outside lanes. 31st has a few hills but flattens out into the Mingo Valley between Yale Ave. & Sheridan Rd. Garnette Rd. is as flat as a pancake, and has 2 wide new lanes each direction, with a center turn lane, perfect for taking the outside lane.I find that part of route planning, is to keep in mind where the motorists have room to go around cyclists.

Although I had to really concentrate on my lane ahead of me, I stole many glances at the peaceful view of a sleeping city, under a soft blanket of snow. Beautiful!

The ride home was much easier the following sunday morning, but was frustrating I'm sure for some motorists( see pic).
I made great time over to Brookside, and was ready to warm up at Shades of Brown(coffee house), I was very hopeful when the Shop came into view, but as the attached pics show, I had misread one sign laying infront of the door. Oh well, there was coffee @ home that was enjoyed in the warmth of the sunroom with James Taylor, Paul Simon, and Art Garfunkle.

If you like Bikes, and coffee/Ale then ya need to cycle on over sometime, and sit with me on the backporch, where we can tell lies, and share stories.

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  1. On two lane roads, move to the LEFT, toward the double yellow. Wave cagers through on your RIGHT.

    NEVER be in their BLIND spot. Think about where cagers sit. Being on the LEFT side of the cage makes it easier for cagers to judge distance from their bumper to your butt.