Thursday, January 7, 2010


Today's commute home was as extreme as it gets in Oklahoma...temp=16F, wind out of the north @20-30mph. I had to deal with the headwind all the way home, what a workout! Not complaining, because it proved to me that if I can do this (and still enjoy my commute), then the rest of the year will be a real joy.

Also after nearly 2 years of no negative encounters (or any encounters) with motorists, while at an intersection waiting for the traffic light to change, a guy rolls down his window to ask me if I would be warmer if I just drove?... my honest reply was "probably so, but it would not be as much fun!" the motorist didn't know what to say, the light changed, and I enjoyed my ride home.

On my bike, I have regular Mt bike handle bars... for added warmth to my hands, this morning I donned a pair of ATV handlebar mitts (Bass Pro Shop)...along with my regular glove arrangement, they worked great against the wind chills below zero.

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  1. Since BikeHacks got hacked, I've migrated to instructables. Hopefully, BH will get back all of their stuff. So sad.