Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tulsa's Bicycle Culture

Hey All,
Today's caffeine fueled rant is about bicycle culture in Tulsa.

1. I believe that cyclists need to make their presence known by contacting city council members and voicing the need for better cycle friendly infrastructure.

2. Cyclists need to cast off the wall street profit fueled, so called cyclist Safety gear, and start dressing like normal people instead of scared to death Aliens. Hey slow down and enjoy the ride, forget about cadence, bicycle commuting is not the Tour DE France.

3. Encourage local merchants to provide bicycle parking space by arriving regularly by bicycle.

FYI there is a great Coffee House between 17th and 18th on Boston called "Double Shot" the proprietor likes bikes. Photo's posted above.

4. Encourage each and every cyclist out there by taking the time to talk shop with them, encourage them by blogging about your cycle adventure's. Along this note; my daughter posted a link to a great local bike blog check it out: http://carlessintulsa.blogspot.com/

Well, I am finished with this rant(my index finger is tired).

Happy trails to you,



  1. Hey Captain. Nate from CarlessInTulsa here. I am having trouble finding out how to contact you. I had a question for you.

  2. Stop by Bike Soup Co-op sometime.

  3. Nate,I opened my email address on my blog profile today 02/10/10 for those who wish to contact me.