Friday, January 29, 2010

winter weather commute prep.

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First let me say that my bicycle to work situation is ideal. It is ideal in that although it is 16miles each way, being a firefighter working a 24hr shift that starts and ends at 7am, I arrive at work where awaits me is : a locker room with 2 shower stalls, fresh towels, my locker with freshly laundered uniforms.

This being my second winter to commute by bicycle, I have learned what combinations of dress layering work best for me. I have learned the best routes to & from the station for the different conditions on the roadways and bike trails. I have learned where the best warm up spots (coffee houses, donut shops, convenience stores) are along the varied routes.

The right gear has made life easier such as studded snow tires, handlebar mitts, ice spikes for boots, below will be some helpful links that are winter bicycling specific that have educated me.

Today being a home day for me with the snow falling to cover somewhat icy streets, I will be in my basement putting my Schwalbe Winter Marathon studded snow tires on my Schwinn Moab MTB. in preparation for tomorrow mornings commute to work.

I am glad that I started bike commuting in the early summer of 2008, by the time fall had arrived I was completely addicted to bicycle commuting, and was determined to keep going through the winter. Winter cycling has had some challenges but the experiences, the views, the fresh air, the accomplishments, the feelings of self sufficiency and freedom, has proved to be very rewarding.

If winter bicycle commuting intrigues you or challenges you, then you should go to YOUTUBE and type in winter bicycle commuting, it will inspire and educate you.

Happy trails to you



  1. Dude, yer dressed all WRONG. You wouldn't rush into a burning building in SPEEDOS, wouldya?

    Give these duds a shot. Chicks LOVE it!

  2. Hey Paul...yer right! gotta get me a red coat and hat!...thanx for the tip.