Sunday, December 27, 2009

1st snow commute this winter a success!

Ho ho ho! Snow & ice didn't stop me from commuting to work. The xtracycle with Schwalbe winter marathon studded tires worked great. Tulsa lacks in snow plowing, I saw at least 50 motor vehicles abandoned along the way, but ZERO abandoned bicycles.

I arrived at Sta.5 safe and sound, the ride didn't take any longer than normal, however I must admit it was a more intense work out, with allot more concentration necessary. I am pumped that this winter riding can be done.


  1. What size tires? I couldn't get studs to fit under my fenders on the xtra, so they went on my Gazelle, which is extremely sweet but with finite carrying capacity.

  2. 26" version: ETRTO, 47-559, 200 studs 30 psi to 70 psi...this is whats listed on the schwinn moab mtb. has alot of clearance at forks and seat stays.

  3. Nice! My Big Dummy makes the daily commute through snow, ice, and the cold!