Saturday, March 6, 2010

volunteering at local cycling advocacy

Hey all, I have a few new photo's from the trail and the streets for you.

From the trail comes a shot of a Hawk that allowed me to get up was perched on a branch directly above the bike trail that parallels the Creek Turnpike...on my distant right was the early morning motor traffic in its mad rush to win at the rat race, in front of me was the serene bike path with nature to observe, sure am glad I chose to bicycle commute!

From the streets comes photo's of a great non- profit cycling advocacy organization that is doing good things for Tulsa's is the TULSA HUB..."Tulsa's first non-profit bicycle resource center and human-power incubator in downtown Tulsa." I have had the good pleasure of helping out this organization and its director Ren Barger a couple of times this past week...I plan on volunteering more of my free time at the Tulsa Hub. You can learn more about this organization at the link provided below.

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